Entry #1

Its never ok to be a n00b

2009-08-02 23:04:39 by NoseMeat

I'm new on here but I REFUSE to admit my n00bness!!! I'll figure it out.. untill then I'm like a ninja, hidin in your chick'n soup eattin your noodles.

I have a deviantart actually if you wanna see my stuff.
I'm on here for the rad games mostly and the art portal.

Its never ok to be a n00b


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2009-08-10 08:53:54

Heya! Just wanted to say hi in... some... way. anyways, cool art and stuff and i like the noodlesoup-pic. Well, You like mastermind too, cool! that`s like all i wanted to say, happy studying! Farewell!

NoseMeat responds:

^.^ HAI!!!!! How are youz?!
Thanks for the comments, They mean a lot.
Mastermind is like THE BEST. I was thinking about doing a tribute for him, but I don't know how the original artist would like that.... I might ask.
I'm glad you stopped by! :D
Don't be a stranger!


2009-08-19 05:44:52

Right of the bat: Comic artist and psychology: awesome :)


2009-11-27 09:22:37

Hey, very nice art. Keep it up!


2009-11-28 00:50:20



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